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Nox Aeterna Wax Melt

Nox Aeterna Wax Melt

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Allow the velvety darkness to embrace your senses, as Nox Aeterna illuminates your surroundings with the sublime essence of centuries past, where the sacred and the mysterious converge in harmonious union.

Notes of frankincense weave through the air, reminiscent of sacred rituals and age-old traditions. The resinous richness of myrrh intertwines, adding a layer of mystery that echoes through time. As the flame caresses the wick, a subtle whisper of sweet tobacco emerges, infusing the atmosphere with an alluring warmth.


100% Soy wax and fragrance.

Care information

Break off one or two squares from the clamshell mold and place into wax warmer.

When scent is no longer present, soak up melted wax with a cotton ball and discard.

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