Let Me Tell You A Story...

Gather around your own crackling campfire with spine-tingling wood wick candles by Hex and Wax Candle Company! Born from a spooky couple’s undying passion for horror and storytelling, each handcrafted soy wax candle includes a chilling short tale, eerie illustrations, and soul-stealing scents!

Come sit by the fire, and let me tell you a story…

  • The Cursed Mirror candle I got inspires a channeling of a dark, high-fem bookish feeling... They're more than just scented wax. It's an entire mood laid out when that wick is lit.


  • I’m obsessed with the sample of ghostly visitor sent with my candle! I refuse to light it. I keep it at my work station and it’s smell, even unlit, is like a stress relief!


  • I love this candle! Not only is the scent amazing and timeless, but the overall production is very high quality. I will definitely be purchasing again!


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